Abhigyan Mahanta Front End Developer

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Front End Focused
With Full Stack Experience

Motivated To Produce Results

As a tenacious self-taught programmer, I use continuous iteration to produce results quickly and continuously improve apps.

JS Node React


Front End
Responsive Web Design

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E-Commerce Shop

A full-stack ecommerce app. Front-End: React&Redux. Back-End:Firebase. Payment-Processor: Stripe

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Company Portfolio

A complete company portfolio website template made with bootstrap 4 and javascript

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Blog Template

A responsive Blog website template with firebase integration

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Monster Card

A react web app that displays monster cards that can be filtered by using search bar

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Wikipedia Viewer

A web app made with wikipedia API to search for wikipedia articles

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Workout Clock

A web app to manage workout sessions. The principle technique used is pomodoro

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Quote Generator

A random quote generator made with vanilla javascript

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Basic Calculator

A random quote generator made with CSS3 and javascript as a part of freeCodeCamp challege.

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Character Limit App

A web app to count the input characters and generate a popup when maximum charaxters is reached

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